Street Trading


Team Members                                                                      Street-Trading_medium

 OGUNRINOLA, I. Oluranti (Coordinator)

AMOO, Emmanuel Olagunju;

SODIPE, Oluyomi A.


The urban labour market experiences a continual inflow of labour both from internal growth and also from the surrounding towns and villages.  This has given rise to structural change in the outlook of cities as well as the demand being made on social infrastructures within the cities in developing countries.The relatively small size of formal wage sub-sector of the urban labour market precludes many of the migrants to secure the desired wage employment but many of them have had to engage in menial jobs in the urban informal sector.  While the engagement in such low productivity jobs could be beneficial to the economy in terms of open unemployment reduction and contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the ensuing distortions arising in form of urban congestion and attendant social vices cannot be overemphasised. Therefore, considerable information is needed for the understanding of the workings of the urban informal sector in order to proffer appropriate development strategies.  This study investigates the economic and social effects of street trading sub-sector of the urban informal economy in Nigeria.

The following are the specific objectives of the study:

To examine the socio-demographic characteristics of mobile and roaming street vendors in Nigeria.

To carry out an exploratory study of the nature and extent of employment generation in the street trading sub-sector of the urban informal sector in Nigeria.

To determine the extent of human capital formation and entrepreneurship development among street traders.

To examine the migration status and its economic significance among street traders

To determine the extent of social and economic mobility of street traders in Nigeria.

To examine the formal-informal linkage relationships among traders and analyse its economic significance among our target group.