The Philosophy of the Department hinges on the Philosophy of the University, which is directed towards the development of the Total Man.  The Philosophy underlying the courses offered in the Department of Economics and Development Studies is to produce graduates who can make informed contributions to the resolution of economic and social issues in a globalized environment, including, for example, the attainment of Vision 20-2020 and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  They will be graduates who can discuss, explain and predict economic phenomena with the tools of economic analysis that they will have acquired during their studies. Given the skills acquired during their training, graduates of the Department should be able to critically appraise economic, social and demographic issues using simplified (quantitative and qualitative) models to explain and/or predict alternative courses of action within a broad socio-economic context. In line with its desire to remain relevant, the Department has constituted a number of research clusters on various aspects of both Vision 20-2020 and the MDGs.