The specific objectives of the Department of Economics and Development Studies are as follows:

i)       To train students to become expert thinkers and managers, who would, through their exposure to economic principles and application techniques,provide policy prescriptionsthat are adequate for the problems underinvestigation.

ii)    To develop in students the ability to apply analytical tools, the knowledge and skills acquired in the solution of society’s problems.

iii)  To prepare students for both the world of work in firms, factories and farms, as well as in self-employment through the course in Entrepreneurial Studies alongside the courses in the Department.

iv)   To provide students with the knowledge and skill base required for graduate studies either at Covenant University or in any other University in the world.

v)     To train students to think analytically through exposure to all areas of economic analysis (verbal, graphical and mathematical) in order to enable them to contribute meaningfully to economic policy formulation and implementation guides.

vi)   To raise God-fearing and visionary leaders through the combination of relevant theories and application techniques, spiritual development and entrepreneurial training which are emphasized at every level of the programmesofthe Department.

vii)To train students to be highly knowledgeable in the economic structure and history of Nigeria and in relationship to the international economic environment.